Terms of service

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Blue Harbour Recruitment Services.

You are not obliged to follow all the Terms and conditions if you are not our clients and business partners and choose not to use our services or websites.

The following terms and conditions establish an agreement between you, whether as a private individual or a government company executive, corporate body, business owner, referral, or general visitor (“Client”, “you”, or “your”), and Blue Harbour Recruitment, along with its business partners (“Agency”, “We” “us”, or “our”), regarding the use of the site and services (as defined below).

Blue Harbour Recruitment is the owner and operator of blueharbourrecruitment.com (the “Site”), our email newsletters, email notifications, and any related electronic communication platform (collectively, the “Web Offering”), as well as all content and features contained therein.

By accessing the site, utilizing the online recruiting service, requesting information through our site, booking or registering for our consultancy or services, you affirm that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms of service.

Modifications to the Terms of Service

Blue Harbour Recruitment reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue the Site, the service, programs, or these Terms of Service at any time. Any changes or modifications shall be notified via email or site posting.

You acknowledge and agree that Blue Harbour Recruitment may notify you about changes via emails or by posting them on their site. Additionally, your continued use of this site or services after such changes considered your acceptance of these changes.

However, Blue Harbour Recruitment may occasionally notify you of upcoming changes or modifications to these Terms of Service by email.

Terms And Conditions For Using Blue Harbour Recruitment Services

1. The Placement of Full-time Employees

These terms and conditions are applicable in any case where a candidate is introduced to a user by the recruiting agent of Blue Harbour Recruitment within 6 months of the date of introduction.

2. Acceptability

The Client must accept these terms and conditions in the interview process introduced by Blue Harbour Recruitment Agency. Any variations to these terms and conditions must be confirmed by the authority.

3. Service Fee and Guaranty

Payment shouldn’t exceed 14 days after receiving the invoice. If the payment remains due after a specific deadline, no refund will be made. The Agency reserves the right to charge the service fees and rate in reasonable circumstances.

The guarantee will not validated if the full fee remains due, or the candidate or client lawfully terminates the contract due to misrepresentation or any kind of faults.

4. The Selection Of The Candidates

Blue Harbour Recruitment Agency agrees to find candidates that match and satisfy the client’s hiring needs. Clients are responsible for selecting and hiring candidates for the job. We do not take liability for the accuracy of any information regarding job history, skills or qualifications, or references given to or by its candidates.

5. The Replacement Of The Candidates

If either the Client or the candidate lawfully terminates the engagement within 2 weeks of its commencement, and the Client informs the Agency in writing within 7 working days, the Client is eligible for a replacement candidate. If a replacement cannot be found, the Client will receive a credit based on the rebate at the Agency’s discretion.

6. Conflicts of Agreements

The Client agrees to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court for any conflicts arising from this agreement. In case of such disputes, the Agency reserves the right to seek reimbursement for legal expenses and outstanding fees.

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